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Insects are all around us. Bizarre Bugs, to discuss the many lessons we can learn from the weird adaptations of insects.

European Praying Mantis _F2B2906
Periodical cicada metamorphosing into adult

Some topics covered

  • Why are some bugs so bizarre?
  • How do insects defend themselves?
  • What are the forces that cause insect adaptations?
  • Why do insects come in so many varieties?
  • What lessons can we learn from bugs?
  • How will students participate?

  • If possible, we will go out into the school yard to look for insects.
  • Design new insects and their adaptations
  • Draw insect life cycles
  • What lessons can we learn from bugs?
  • cidadas Borneo
    Army ants carrying ant larvae

    What will students learn from this presentation?

  • Adaptations allow animals to survive.
  • Why insects have such flashy colors, curious shapes, and peculiar lifestyles.
  • Evolution has shaped life in many ways.
  • Why a leaf beetle larva hides behind an arch of its own poop.