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Great Expeditions - Why the Dickens Does Doug Do That?

Who doesn't enjoy getting up before dawn to explore a dark, soggy jungle? OK, there may be a few who don't, but most people enjoy a vicarious adventure filled with some of the most beautiful birds in the world and a few weird insects and exotic companions along. I have participated in biological expeditions to many parts of the tropics. The work is not always fun, but it is always interesting and often quite exciting.

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  • What is the value of exploration?
  • What does and expedition entail?
  • What do we learn from them?
  • And, why would anyone want to subject himself to lousy food, sleeping on the ground, hungry mosquitoes, and other minor annoyances far from civilization?

What will students learn from this presentation?

  • Why science and adventure go hand and hand.
  • The value of international cooperation.
  • How writing can arise from your passion.
  • The best way to eat cooked bat.
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    Camp lower Mt Apo

    How will students participate?

  • Students will plan their own expedition:
  • What will the purpose of the expedition be?
  • Where will they go?
  • What will they bring on the expedition?