Salt Marsh Grasses

Grasses dominate most salt marshes.

SALTMARSH CHORDGRASS 2810-26.jpg - 54191 Bytes

Smooth Cord Grass (Spartina alterniflora)

Salt Hay is a common grass of the high marsh

Salt Hay 3067-15.jpg - 59229 Bytes

Salt Hay (Spartina patens)

Salt Grass is the other common grass of the high marsh

Salt Grass 3067-16.jpg - 76036 Bytes

Salt Grass (Distichilis spicata)

Common Reed or Phragmites is the tallest grass. The reed we see most often is native to the Old World and has become a serious weed.

Phragmites 2250-06.jpg - 60569 Bytes

Common reed - Phragmites australis

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  • Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora)

  • Salt Marsh Cord Grass is the dominant grass in most E. U.S. salt marshes.

    Saltmarsh cord grass 2810-19.jpg  Spartina alterniflora

    Smooth Cord Grass (Spartina alterniflora)

    Smooth cord grass roots and ribbed mussels keep the winter waves from eroding the marsh.

    Salt Marsh frigid  Ribbed Mussels in ice _F2B6595.jpg - 76303 Bytes

    Smooth Cord Grass

    Phragmites looks nice, but it can be invasive and take over the marsh.

    Phragmites x015-88.jpg  Common Reed - Phragmites australis


    Salt marsh flowers

    Salt marsh shrubs