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Wetlands are some of the most exciting places to look for wildlife. Wetlands provide ample food for animals and for people as well. They also perform many other services for us. Wetlands filter out pollution. They slow flooding. They recharge aquifers sending water back into the ground. I have spent a great deal of time photographing and studying wetlands and am writing books on this topic now.

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  • What lives in wetlands?
  • What types of wetlands are there?
  • How do wetland plants and animals depend upon each other?
  • Why are wetlands such rich environments?
  • Why should we protect wetlands

What will students learn from this presentation?

  • Wetlands are of great value to us.
  • Ecological relationships among wetland organisms.
  • Why wetlands are such a good subject to write about.
  • Why you won't catch fish in a vernal pool.
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